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EZ Starter Kit

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EZ Starter Kit w/ Award Winning Bubble Tea Supply Products - worth $186.15, but on sale for only $179.95!

Makes approximately 200 drinks
EZ Starter Kit w/ Award Winning Bubble Tea Supply Products - worth $186.15, but on sale for only $179.95!
Makes approximately 200 drinks

*Award Winning Bubble Tea Flavor Powders – Honeydew, Strawberry, Black Milk Tea, Taro, Instant Thai Tea, and Ube (Purple Yam) - 2.2 lb bags – 6 bags
Premium Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls (Black) - 6.6 lbs - 1 bag
Premium Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls (Black) - 2.2 lbs - 1 bag
Premium Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls (Colored) - 6.6 lbs - 1 bag
Fat Bubble Tea Straws - 5 bags
Plastic Measuring Scoop - 2 pcs.
**Recipes and instructions to make a perfect drink

*The above flavor powders may be substituted by calling our toll free order line instead of placing an online order.
**PDF Recipe and Instruction Guide will be sent via email.

Bubble Tea Supply is the Winner of 2002 & 2003 "Best of the Best" for Bubble Tea Drink Mixes and Supplies by the American Tasting Institute. This EZ Starter Kit is for the serious minded entrepreneur or business owner who wants to get started right away, the right way. This kit contains just about everything you need for an entire line of bubble tea drinks. Every day we get calls, emails and sometimes even faxes from people wanting to start their own bubble tea business.

The most common questions are, "Where do I start," and "What's the secret to great bubble tea?" Here's a few more... "What flavors are the best?" "Which should I use non-dairy creamer, milk, half-n-half, etc?" "I've gone to a few shops and one shop has a much better drink...why?" "Should I use syrup or powder?"

Our advice is to experience the answers to these questions first hand. The bottom line is that a great bubble tea begins with quality ingredients. We've been told over and over and truly believe that we offer the finest bubble tea ingredients in the world. The skeptic will say, "Prove it!" We say, "Experience it yourself and join our list of fans."

"Your premium products are hands down the best! I've tried using other products and my customers complained of the inconsistent taste...The most common complaint was the after taste. We've never had a problem with your premium products...Thank you Bubble Tea Supply!" -F.B. Bellingham, WA

"Using your milk tea powder has increased my sales by 200%! I don't want you to ever stop making that!" -W.K. Honolulu, HI

"I'm impressed with the texture and taste of the flavors. I thought making bubble tea was complex, but I learned it from one of your representatives in 5 minutes! We're ready to go!" -J.Y. Alberta, Canada

If you are considering starting a bubble tea business or adding bubble tea to your menu then this kit is the best way to start.

Step 1: The first step is to become familiar with making a good drink and with this kit you will have more than enough opportunity to do that. You will be able to taste the difference between a bubble tea with tea versus one without tea. See if you prefer black tapioca or colored. Do you prefer liquid drinks or blended? This kit allows all your main questions to be answered. If you are like us, you want to experience this first hand without spending "an arm and a leg."

Step 2: Make drinks for your family, friends and staff because they will give you honest feedback. Make a liquid drink and one in the blender to taste the difference. Mix flavors together to come up with your own creations. Sample the difference between the tastes of a bubble tea made with milk versus the taste of one made with creamer. You will discover that some prefer creamy drinks and some prefer tea drinks. In this session you will more than likely come up with combinations that you would not have thought of on your own. This will give you a solid basis as you prepare for your menu.

Step 3: Get started on your bubble tea business or add bubble tea to your current menu.

Step 4: Collect your profits.

Step 5: Smile! Click on "add to shopping cart" now and get started. We will normally ship your kit within 1 business day. Don't delay, order before your competition beats you to it.
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