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Instant Thai Tea Bubble Tea Powder

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2.2 lbs bubble tea powder (approximately 25-30 (16oz.) bubble teas)
2.2 lbs bubble tea powder (approximately 25-30 (16oz.) bubble teas) A favorite among bubble tea lovers! While it takes time to concoct a special recipe using brewed tea, our R&D department has created the perfect powder for you to enjoy a ready made Thai Tea. Enjoy a Thai Tea Bubble Drink by using the powder for an instant tea drink (mixing with the frozen granita coffee is not recommended). Instant Thai Tea powder is an option to brewing thai tea.

We keep our flavored powders as natural as possible to allow our customers to cream and sweeten their drinks the way they want to. With customers having different dietary restrictions, Bubble Tea Supply allows the bubble tea barista to create "their" perfect drink. The most basic bubble tea recipe includes one scoop each of the milk tea powder, creamer, and sugar syrup. Add ice and water to the basic mixture and voila, you're ready to enjoy!

Instant Thai Tea Powder Recipes and Videos:

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