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1. Fill out a Wholesale Request form:

After receiving a completed wholesale request form, our representatives will be able to assist you in your bubble tea adventure. Whether you plan on starting a new business, or adding bubble tea to your menu, Bubble Tea Supply is able to provide you with quality products, tips and knowledge to help with your success.


2. Get acquainted with preparing Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea Supply has been chosen "Best Taste" and "Best of the Best" by The American Tasting Institute and Quality Institute International. All major bubble tea brands were reviewed by a panel of expert chefs. All testing is done individually and are double-blind comparisons. No group discussion was allowed. Only one gold medal was awarded. That award for 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 solely belongs to Bubble Tea Supply.

Bubble Tea Supply is confident that its premium line "A" of products is of the highest quality. When doing a taste comparison with market grade products "B&C", the premium "A" is a sure winner. The choice is left to each individual business to which grade "A, B or C" is best for them.

As a supplier, Bubble Tea Supply is able to provide a variety of lines to meet each customer's needs. Depending on the taste that you choose as a business owner, Bubble Tea Supply can meet your needs and budget.

We have designed Business Sample Kits for you...

The Premium Deluxe Business Sample Kit includes 28+ award winning "A" flavored cream powders, 2 bags of black tapioca pearls, 20 oz. of black tea, 20 oz. of green jasmine tea, 20 oz. thai tea, 1.1 lb black tea "A" grade, coconut meat in syrup, 2 flavor syrups, cups, lids, straws, stainless steel shake cup, powder scoop, and instructions.

The Pearls n Powders Kitincludes 20+ award winning "A" flavored cream powders, 1 bag of black tapioca pearls, 20 oz. of black tea, 20 oz. of green jasmine tea, straws, plastic shake cup, powder scoop, and instructions.


3. Test your market

Bubble Tea is the hottest drink available today, growing in popularity each and every day. Although bubble tea has been around Taiwan for nearly 15 years, it has recently made it's way to North America. While you will find Bubble Tea shops all over the streets of California, Washington, Oregon, New York, and Texas, bubble tea is still making it's mark in other states and countries worldwide.

While Bubble Tea has been covered in numerous magazines and newspapers, people are still learning about this "funky" new drink. Its unique presentation makes people interested in what the "buzz" is all about. After you've practiced making Bubble Tea, and found the taste and texture that you like, introduce it to your customers. If Bubble Tea has already made it's way into the market in your area, you'll probably have less explaining to do of what the drink is. If Bubble Tea is fairly new in your area, you'll want to make sure that your employees are prepared to explain what a Bubble Tea is. You may want to share with them the History of Bubble Tea and What is a Bubble Tea?

When introducing Bubble Tea to your customers, you'll want to have samples available; 1 to 3 fl. oz. is suggested. If your customer likes what they taste, they will more than likely order one!


4. Add Bubble Tea to your menu

When choosing your menu for Bubble Tea, you'll want to go with flavors that would be popular in your area. If Bubble Tea is available in a location near you, you may want to find out what flavors are popular at that shop. If Bubble Tea is fairly new in your area, you may want to choose flavors that are appetizing to your taste buds.

Otherwise, we've designed Business Starter Kits based on a market study of popular flavors collected by our research department.


Click here for Wholesale and Pricing Information

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