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Why choose Bubble Tea Supply?




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Bubble Tea Supply - "The right choice"


Bubble Tea Supply's Quality and Taste

Here's a copy of our congratulations letter:

The American Tasting Institute, a division of Quality Institute International is pleased to announce Bubble Tea Supply as a 2004 Gold Medal Taste Award winner for the 3rd straight year in the Bubble Tea category.

As the Gold Medal Taste Award winner, Bubble Tea Supply's products received the highest rating over all other nationally distributed manufacturers, winning on a range of criteria including appearance, flavor, taste, and texture as judged by the professional chefs of the American Tasting Institute.  The judging was conducted in San Francisco earlier this year by a panel of independent, professional chefs for the American Tasting Institute.  The products were evaluated on a broad range of criteria including appearance, flavor, taste, and texture.  The judging was performed double blind, without brand distinction and conducted in the most efficient and accurate environment.  Bubble Tea Supply's Bubble Tea Mixes and Tapioca products met our stringent standards of distinction and share this 2004 Best Taste Distinction for the entire line.

The American Tasting Institute and the American Culinary Institute are divisions of the Quality Institute International, a private organization committed to honoring the Best of the Best in food, beverage and equipment products.  Founded in 1985, the company has grown into a national organization comprised of 37,000 professional chefs and major food buyers from across North America.  Through this network, they have established a National Board of Chefs who supports their mission of honoring the best products in the marketplace.  Their Gold Medal seal is seen on thousands of food and culinary products defining for consumers what are the best choice for them - Best of the Best.

Best Cost per Serving

Other companies will benchmark their serving sizes, recipes and pricing to what Bubble Tea Supply offers.  This is actually misleading.  Our powders deliver 45-50 (16 oz) servings per 2.2 lbs bag.  This is a fact.  We've had countless complaints from customers that purchased products from competitors that only deliver 20-30 servings per 2.2 lbs bag, even though they claimed 45-50.  That's why they can charge less for the bag of powder.  You need 2 times the amount of powder to make a comparable drink to Bubble Tea Supply's Neptune Ice.  That means your shipping cost is twice as much.  After that, you're actually paying more for your product than if you purchased quality Bubble Tea Supply products the first time.

Order Anytime

Bubble Tea Supply offers ordering via toll free orderline, internet, email and fax.  We have order agents ready to help you, available from 9am to 5pm PST.  Bubble Tea Supply is proud to be the only company able to offer this wonderful convenience.

24 hour Shipping

Orders in stock will normally be shipped within one business day.  

Same Day Shipping Available

Orders received before Noon PST will normally be shipped the same day.  Bubble Tea Supply is proud of this efficiency and we know you will be pleased.

Natural Ingredients

Bubble Tea Supply uses natural fruits for powders, syrups and tapioca.  We also use real sugar and high grade non dairy creamer.  This really makes a big difference when you taste products with artificial sweeteners, flavors and ingredients.  We package our powders in air tight foil bags.  We don't use "anti-caking agents."  With our products they simply aren't needed.  You can be confident when serving products from Bubble Tea Supply.  

Constant Research and Development

Bubble Tea Supply has two fully staffed research and development teams.  Our Taiwan team keeps the quality stable and continually helps us to improve our products.  Our United States R&D department does constant field studies along with numerous blind tasting to ensure our products are suitable for the U.S. market.  To this date Bubble Tea Supply continues to offer products that have never been offered before.  In fact, there are many companies that do their R&D work purely by trying to copy Bubble Tea Supply.  Imitation is the highest form of flattery and we feel very flattered.

Bubble Tea Supply’s Commitment

Bubble Tea Supply is here to support you with the newest products available on the market, bubble tea expertise, and incredible customer service.  Our company philosophy is to build long term relationships that produce a win-win situation for all.  With the highest grade products available in the market place, innovative ideas to help your business succeed, and service that meets your needs every time, Bubble Tea Supply is confident that they will continue to be voted as the “#1 Choice for Quality Products and Customer Service” for bubble tea supplies!  Bubble Tea Supply thanks you for helping us to succeed and grow, and look forward to forming and developing new relationships worldwide!

Thank you to our loyal customers for your kind praise.  We will work tirelessly to keep you satisfied.

  • The American Tasting Institute, a division of Quality Institute International is pleased to announce Bubble Tea Supply as a 2002, 2003 and 2004 Best Taste Distinction recipient in the Bubble Tea Mixes and Tapioca category.
  • "I just received my first order today and was so happy for your fast service. I am placing my order again, thank you."
    -A.L., Rota, Northern Mariana Islands
  • Thank you so much for the bubble tea supplies!!!!  They were sooooo yummy.
    I usually go to Clement St. at least twice a week (20 minutes away) to get
    my bo boa fix, but now I can make it at home.  =)  Your tapioca balls taste
    really good...Anyway, thank you again and best of luck...

    L.L. San Francisco, CA
  • “Your site is easy to read and is fun to always go back for as a reference...We continually check your site for updates and new items!”
    -S.H.  San Diego, CA
  • You dominate the market of Bubble Tea!  You’re every where I look on the Internet!” 
    -T.B.  Dallas, TX
  • I’m impressed with your customer service...I got all of my questions answered, put my order in, and received my order within days!”
    -J.D.  Chicago, IL
  • “Wow, I just ordered my products and was told that it was being shipped out the same day!  I’m glad that I ordered from Bubble Tea Supply.  I can’t wait to use the products, I’m sure it’ll be good!”
    -S.L.  Orlando, FL
  • “Bubble Tea Supply provides an outstanding customer service.  I’ve never had a company meet my needs and listen to what I want!  Bubble Tea Supply has met every expectation and need that I’ve voiced.”
    -T.N.  Allendale, NJ
  • Your premium products are hands down the best!  I’ve tried using other products and my customers complained of the inconsistent taste...The most common complaint was the after taste.  We've never had a problem with your premium products...Thank you Bubble Tea Supply!”
    -F.B.  Bellingham, WA
  • “I look for your signs when going into a coffee or tea shop.  I know that if it’s someone else’s pictures are up, it won’t taste as good.”  
    -K.O.  Honolulu, HI
  • "I can't believed we have already consumed all of our last order of bubble tea. I think we're addicted. It is sooo good!"
    -J.D.  Springfield, MO
  • “I tried buying tapioca pearls at an Asian Market in my area.  I had difficulty with the preparation because it took so long, and it didn’t taste good.  I was hesitant to try your home and party kit, but after speaking with your customer service representative and was able to get my questions answered I took a chance.  When I got my package, I went through the recipes and instructions.  I prepared the drinks later for my family and they loved it!  It was almost no-fail when following your recipes!  Thanks, I’ll be ordering more!  
    -S.K.  New York, NY
  • “The business kit gave me the ability to try all of the flavors.  This was important for me when creating my menu board.”  
    -M.L.  Los Angeles, CA
  • “Using your milk tea powder has increased my sales by 200%!  I don’t want you to ever stop making that!”  
    -W.K.  Honolulu, HI
  • “I’m impressed with the texture and taste of the flavors.  I thought making bubble tea was complex, but I learned it from one of your representatives in 5 minutes!  We’re ready to go!”
    -J.Y.  Alberta, Canada
  • Adding bubble tea to my business was a good decision...I’ve been able to increase my revenue and attract more customers.”  
    -H.Y.  Gardena, CA
  • “Due to limited space, I was hesitant on adding bubble tea to our business.  After one of your representatives came into our shop and consulted us with organizing space, we tried it for a month.  With a little bit of advertising and word of mouth, we have a line waiting for the bubble tea!  It was definitely worth it!”
    -Y.K.  Mililani, HI

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